Echuya Forest Fire Doused by Rains

echuya burning
echuya burning
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The human-caused fire that engulfed Echuya Forest Reserve on Wednesday was finally extinguished by nightlong rains earlier today.

The fire had blazed through acres of natural cover and had spread to over 12 forest hills and a wetland in both Kisoro and Rubanda districts. Despite efforts by community members to stop it, the fire was continuing to spread.

The Kanaba Community Development and Echuya Forest Conservation Association (KADECA) Chairman, Rubibi Yubu, confirmed that no additional significant damage had been caused to the natural cover. He commended the fire gangs and community members who helped to contain the fire.

Yubu noted that the habit of burning Echuya Forest to cause rains may be hard to control, but he advised the National Forestry Authority to consider partitioning the forest by drawing lines that reduce the risk of fire spreading widely.

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