Oyam District Mock Exam: 2,270 Candidates Achieve Division U

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Oyam District Mock Exam: 2,270 Candidates Achieve Division U
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The Oyam district examination board released the mock exam results for primary schools in Oyam district last week.

In these results, 120 candidates scored in Division One, representing 2%. 762 candidates are in Division Two, making up 14% of the total. 1007 candidates are in Division Three, accounting for 18%, and 1184 candidates are in Division Four, which is 21%. Meanwhile, 2,270 candidates are in Division U, constituting 4%, and 292 candidates are in Division X, totaling 5%.

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According to the examination board committee, this year’s mock results show significant improvement compared to last year, where only 68 candidates achieved Division One, and 587 were in Division Two.

Iceme sub-county in Oyam district has the highest number of candidates who scored in Division One, with 26 candidates. It is followed by Kamdini with 19 candidates, Oyam town council with 18 candidates, and Loro with 17 candidates. The remaining candidates scored below Division One.

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A total of 5,639 candidates registered this year to take the primary leaving examination in Oyam district, with 3,169 being boys and 2,470 being girls.

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