Probe into Masaka School Fire: Four Staff Held for Questioning as Arson Suspicions Arise

masaka school fire four staff held for questioning as arson suspicions arise
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In the wake of a devastating fire at Kasaana Junior School in Masaka City, a new development has taken place, with the police detaining four staff members for questioning.

Early in the morning at 4:30 am, a dormitory at the school went up in flames, resulting in the tragic loss of seven young pupils and injuries to five others, including a matron named Christine Adong. The dormitory was home to approximately 15 children in Top and P.1 classes.

Southern regional police spokesperson Jamada Wandera disclosed that the authorities have taken statements from several individuals in connection with the incident. These include the school’s head teacher Joseph Ssenkasi, dormitory supervisor Nicolas Akandwanaho, night watchman Gozanga Ssenyonga, and teacher Daphine Nakabito.

Wandera clarified, “We have indeed detained some of the school staff for questioning. We have asked them to provide statements about the events, and they will be released once our detectives complete their work.”

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He further added that a statement from the matron of the affected dormitory would be recorded after her discharge from Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. The police have submitted the files of these four school staff members to the Resident State Attorney for guidance on possible charges.

As of the time of this report, it remains uncertain whether the quartet is considered witnesses or suspects in the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, authorities are expanding their inquiry into the possibility that the fire may have been deliberately started by arsonists. This contradicts the earlier explanation, where the police had attributed the fire to a short circuit caused when the matron was charging her phone.

On October 31, officials from the Ministry of Education visited the school to assess the situation. Concerned parents like Catharine Nanjjuka had already begun to question the initial police report, with Nanjjuka expressing skepticism about the prevalence of school fires blamed on electrical issues, particularly their occurrence at night.

In response to these concerns, the police assured the public, “We are receiving conflicting accounts from different people, and we promise to provide an accurate and comprehensive report regarding this tragic fire.”

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