School Receives 1.5 Billion Shillings

Kaddugala Secondary School in Masaka to Receive 1.5 Billion Shillings for Infrastructure Improvement
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Kaddugala Secondary School, located in Masaka City, is poised to benefit from an allocation of 1.5 billion Ugandan Shillings. This financial support, provided through the School Facilitation Grant, is intended to foster the development of the school’s infrastructure.

The allocated funds will be earmarked for various projects, including the construction of modern science and computer laboratories, as well as a classroom block. These initiatives have been endorsed by the school’s administration.

Masaka City’s principal education officer, Steven Kakeeto, emphasized that the funds will be utilized in strict accordance with guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Education and Sports. He underlined that the primary objective is to enhance the school’s academic performance, hence the prioritization of science and computer laboratory construction and equipping.

A portion of the grant will also be allocated to support the teaching of science subjects and lower secondary curriculum. The school anticipates receiving the initial tranche of funds, totaling 750 million Shillings, for the construction and equipping of the laboratories by the end of this month.

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Hajji Musa Mpungu, the chairperson of Uganda Muslims Teachers Association (UMAT) and the guest of honor at the event on Saturday, commended the school’s board of governors for collaborating with the head teacher to advance the institution. He further made a charitable contribution of 100 bags of cement to aid in the construction of a perimeter wall around the school.

Yahaya Ssengabi, the school’s head teacher, expressed his gratitude to the government for its sustained support, which is expected to significantly improve the academic performance of the school. He reported remarkable achievements, including a notable increase in student enrollment from 680 to 1,000 students over the past year.

The school also witnessed improved academic performance, with nine first-grade scores at the Uganda Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations last year. Notably, the school has also completed the construction of modern washrooms for both genders and established a connecting road to the main highway (Masaka – Kampala Highway).

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