UBTEB Takes Over Assessment of Accounting Technicians Diploma Course in Collaboration with ICPAU

ubteb takes over assessment of accounting technicians diploma course in collaboration with icpau
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The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) have joined forces to bring significant changes to the assessment of the Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) course. The official announcement was made, stating that starting from January 1, 2024, UBTEB will take on the responsibility of assessing and conducting examinations for all ATD candidates. This collaboration is set to impact the education landscape positively.

The signing of this transformative deal was a momentous occasion, with representatives from both institutions playing their part. Onesmus Oyesigye, the Executive Secretary of UBTEB, and Derrick Nkajja, Secretary of ICPAU, signed the agreement. This move signifies a shift in the ATD program’s administration, promising more accessibility and opportunities for students.

Continuing students currently enrolled under ICPAU will be allowed to complete their courses with ICPAU. However, the registration of new ATD students under ICPAU will cease with this transition. It’s a step forward in the collaborative journey that began in 2018 when UBTEB and ICPAU signed a memorandum of understanding.

This partnership had a clear objective: to enhance the competitiveness and facilitate smoother career progression for accounting-related programs examined and awarded by UBTEB. A key aspect of this collaboration is the alignment and harmonization of content in business and accounting programs at diploma levels. This streamlining will pave the way for UBTEB graduates to benefit from course exemptions while pursuing the Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (CPA(U)) program offered by ICPAU.

The CPA(U) program is a professional accountancy program, and this collaboration is set to enhance the educational journey for students. With UBTEB taking over the assessment of ATD, graduates will find it easier to progress from certificate and diploma levels to degree programs accredited by ICPAU, all in accordance with the Uganda Accountancy Qualifications Framework. This shift not only offers students convenience but also potential savings in terms of time and money in their pursuit of becoming certified public accountants.

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Derrick Nkajja, CEO of ICPAU, emphasized that this partnership is a significant step towards ensuring smooth career progression. For instance, students who complete a Diploma in Accountancy will now be exempt from attempting lower-level papers when pursuing the CPA program.

UBTEB and ICPAU have plans for future collaboration beyond assessment. They intend to jointly develop curriculum and assessment guides, engage in research, and establish capacity-building programs. These initiatives will provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates with a pathway for access, progression, and continued learning in accountancy and related fields.

The roadmap unveiled on Thursday for the assessment of ATD by UBTEB will contribute to the standardization of accounting and related programs, aligning them with the Uganda Accountancy Qualifications Framework. This step forward reflects a commitment to quality education in the field.

The partnership also includes accreditation of tertiary institutions, including universities, interested in offering ATD programs assessed by UBTEB. This open approach aims to strengthen the education system and ensure that graduates receive recognized and quality education.

In closing, the collaborative message from both parties is clear: working together is essential for the betterment of the education system. They urge all trainers to desist from providing institutional-based certificates and transcripts that lack recognition, emphasizing the importance of nationally approved agencies and bodies in ensuring that people are adequately skilled. This partnership marks a significant transformation in the field of accounting education in Uganda, promising a brighter future for students pursuing ATD.

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