Weather Alert: Southern Uganda Expects Heavy Rainfall

Beware of heavy rains – Minister Onek - Weather Forecast: Uganda to Experience Above-Normal Rainfall and Warmer Conditions
Beware of heavy rains – Weather Forecast: Uganda to Experience Above-Normal Rainfall and Warmer Conditions
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Ugandans in the southern regions are advised to prepare for heavy rainfall in the upcoming week, according to the latest weather forecast from the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) for October 17-24, 2023. The ICPAC, in collaboration with the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), predicts that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in parts of southeastern Ethiopia, central Somalia, and the northern and southern areas of Uganda. This could potentially lead to flooding in low-lying areas.

ICPAC, based in Nairobi, also noted that Uganda and its neighboring countries are likely to experience wetter-than-usual conditions in the coming week. This wetter weather pattern is expected to affect southern Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, parts of Rwanda and Burundi, western Tanzania, part of western and northeastern Kenya, and central Somalia.

UNMA’s forecast is in alignment with ICPAC’s predictions. Most parts of Uganda, with the exception of Karamoja, are expected to receive normal to below-normal rainfall. The UNMA forecast has also issued a warning that low-lying areas in Kampala and nearby regions may face flooding. Additionally, mountainous areas, such as Mt. Elgon, could experience landslides due to the heavy rains.

The rainy season, while bringing challenges, is also associated with various benefits, including increased agricultural production and productivity.

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