EXCLUSIVE: How KDLB Boss Balondemu is being witch-hunted by shoddy city land dealers for refusing to dance to their tune

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Kampala – The Kampala District Lands Board Chairperson David Balondemu has been in the news after being arrested by the Statehouse Anti-corruption Unit (SACHU) over cases defrauding some investors.

Apparently, it has been confirmed by a well placed source that he has been re-arrested and is currently detained at Wandegeya Police station where he has spent the last two days and nights.

This publication has since learnt that, whereas Balondemu was arrested, charged sent to Luzira but later granted bail two week ago, the smoke is not yet over as the orchestrators are not happy with him being out on bail.

Information reaching our news desk indicates that upon his appointment as the Chairperson of Kampala District Lands Board (KDLB), Balondemu tightened the noose on shoddy Kampala land dealers which has made him a nemesis of the cartel that had been profiteering from land deals within the city.

Our moles have also learnt that the genesis started when on orders of Present Museveni overture St. Balikuddembe Owino market land titles back to the government to which is alleged that the beneficiaries offered him Shs10b but he refused.

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Things then turned worse when a certain Minister tried to access him for some juicy plots along Lumumba Avenue, in addition to a city businessmen who wanted Plot 43 on Ben Kiwanuka street, while others deal denied was for the former Shimoni land and another Plot in areas of Kyambogo.

Source further revealed that, Balondemu of recent became a barrier for land dealers in trying to take over Kampala wetlands and hence plotting his downfall. Sources further intimate that there are several cases being arraigned against him so as to stop him from hunting them down.

This publication has obtained a full report on how city land dealers have descended on KDLB Boss Balondemu after tightening the noose on their shoddy deals. Watch the space for the full expose.

New charges

Balondemu was re-arrested on Friday evening and in this new case, he is said to have fraudulently been involved in a deal of Shs2.2 billion from KG Uganda Limited LLC, an American Company in a purported procurement of a water plant by Ministry of Agriculture.

And reports allege that the funds were channeled via a Bank account of a Law firm which Balondemu works with (M/s Bloom Advocates).

The said criminal case No. 864 -2023 is at the hearing stage at Buganda Road Court by Principal Grade I Magistrate Jutiko Winnie Nankya.

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