Gulu District Security Committee Resolves Land Dispute, Resuming Stalled Projects

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Gulu District Leaders Pledge to Honor Compensation Agreement, Resolving Land Dispute
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The Gulu District Security Committee, during an extraordinary extended meeting held at Angaya Health Center III on November 8, 2023, successfully mediated a land dispute between landowners and the Gulu District Local Government.

The family that donated land for the regional incinerator project accused the district of delaying their compensation. The engagement meeting, chaired by DRDC Cosmas James Okidi, resulted in several recommendations for district stakeholders to address.

A key resolution was for the district to fulfill its obligation, as earlier agreed upon and passed by the district council, to compensate the landowners. The CAO committed to doing so at a meeting on Wednesday.

DRDC Cosmas expressed gratitude to the family for their understanding and for allowing work on the incinerator to resume. He also commended their support for government programs by donating land for the sub-county headquarters, Angaya Health Center III, and the Acholi regional incinerator.

“This goodwill and heart will remain in history,” DRDC Cosmas stated while making closing remarks. He added that Uma Michael Labeja and family members deserve an award from the government of Uganda for their positive contribution to development.

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“It’s true that you have entered into an agreement and made a Memorandum of Understanding with the district to compensate you with Ushs 35 million. I will be on the neck of the CAO and district leaders to fulfill this obligation,” DRDC Cosmas reiterated while chairing the meeting.

He also thanked the district leadership, headed by Hon. Opio Christopher Ateker as Chairperson, as well as the family that donated the land to the district and the district security committee members for their outstanding work in resolving the situation.

DRDC Cosmas James Okidi asserted, “The President of the Republic of Uganda, His Excellency YKM, has fought for peace and harmony among civilians, and as his representative in the district, we are here to aid in it.

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