John Katumba Rants at Museveni, Why Don’t you respond to my Letters

Katumba John
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Former presidential candidate Katumba John has expressed his frustration with President Museveni for not responding to his letters.

Katumba, who was the youngest candidate in the 2021 presidential election, said he has been writing to Museveni to share his insights on the challenges facing young people in Uganda. However, he has not received any response.

“I have written so many letters to President @KagutaMuseveni but he has never responded and yet I am simply giving him insight into the youth livelihood status,” Katumba said in a tweet.

Katumba said he is concerned about the high unemployment rate among young people in Uganda. He also said that many young people are struggling to make ends meet due to the high cost of living.

“I am asking President Museveni to take action to address the challenges facing young people,” Katumba said. “We need jobs, we need affordable housing, and we need access to quality education.”

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It is unclear why Museveni has not responded to Katumba’s letters. However, some observers have speculated that the president may be reluctant to engage with a young and outspoken critic.

Katumba’s frustration is shared by many young people in Uganda. A recent survey found that 70% of young people believe that the government is not doing enough to address their needs.

The government has said that it is committed to improving the lives of young people. However, critics say that the government’s policies have not been effective.

The failure to respond to Katumba’s letters is a further indication of the government’s indifference to the challenges facing young people in Uganda.

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