Lango Clan Leaders Reject Paramount Chief’s Decision to Suspend Election Plans

IMG 20231205 WA0054 (3)
Members of joint clan leaders gathered for a reconciliation meeting to discuss the election of a new Lango paramount chief at the Lango Cultural Centre recently.
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Controversy and tensions have erupted among Lango cultural leaders as many of them have rejected and distanced themselves from the proposal of Lango Cultural Foundation Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci), Yosam Odur Ebii, to suspend the electoral process indefinitely.

A section of joint Lango cultural leaders from various clans in Lango sub-region, in response to the resolutions made at the Margaritha Palace Hotel in early November 2023, have vehemently opposed Won Nyaci Yosam Odur’s announcement on Sunday to indefinitely suspend the members of the electoral commission from his chiefdoms. This decision contradicts the recent agreement made by over 140 prominent clan members in Lango sub-region.

Geoffrey Etwop, the clan head of Ober clan, publicly rejected Yosam Odur’s decision aired on FM stations on Sunday, December 5, 2023, at Anai Tipa, Anai Ward, Lira City West Division. Etwop threatened to punish and remove the deputy speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation for attempting to disrupt the peace process of electing the new Lango ‘Won Nyaci’ without the knowledge of the ‘Itogo’ put in place.

Etwop stated that Yosam Odur has only one year left before handing over to the new paramount chief of Lango Chiefdoms in a phased manner.

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Ogwang Edola Bosco, the clan head of Omolatar-Odyakol, affirmed that nothing would interrupt the new electoral commission and the ‘Itogo’ from performing their duties for the smooth election of the new Won Nyaci of Lango Chiefdom.

The Prime Minister of Tekwaro Lango, George Ojwang Opota, declared that they are proceeding with the peaceful transition, urging all people in Lango sub-region to remain calm as progress is underway with the ‘Itogo’ and the electoral commission already in place for the election of the new paramount chief to replace the retiring Yosam Odur.

Comments from Eng. Michael Odongo Okune, Paramount Chief of Tekwaro Lango, were not possible as he did not answer phone calls by press time.

While addressing mourners at the burial of Alex Alele on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at Pida village, Anai ward, Lira City West Division, Mr. Geoffrey Etwop, the clan leader of Ober clan, stated that Yosam should forget about confusing the people of Lango, emphasizing that Odur was misguided by a few individuals to issue an ill-advised statement on radio airwaves.

In a letter dated December 4, 2023, signed by Yosam Odur Ebii, the suspension of the activities of the Lango Cultural Foundation electoral commission members in the planned election of the new Lango paramount chief to be conducted early next year (2024) was announced—a move rejected by most subjects of the kingdom.

IMG 20231205 WA0055
Copy of the letter written by Paramount Chief Yosam Odur Ebii, announcing the indefinite suspension of the activities of the Lango Cultural Foundation Electoral Commission members.

Many people in Lango are now congratulating the paramount chief of Tekwaro Lango, Dr. Eng. Michael Moses Odongo Okune, for being a disciplined person who is following the resolutions of the Margarita Palace Hotel, arrived at by over 140 clan heads and elders of Lango sub-region.

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