Gulu Community Rescues 10 People from Rumor-Based Threat

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Ten people were rescued from an unnecessary rumor in Gulu, Uganda on November 6, 2023. The Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) of Gulu, Cosmas James Okidi, held a meeting with the community of Lagutu village to identify and apprehend the author of an anonymous letter that listed ten people, including the LC1 and “Rwot kweri” (chief), to be killed.

The meeting was also an opportunity to restore peace, harmony, and hope in the community. Two prime suspects were arrested from their hideout by youths immediately after the meeting to help with the investigation.

DRDC Okidi observed that parents and guardians are running away from their responsibility of instilling discipline in their children and protecting those who are wrong, thieves, defilers, etc. He called for neighborwatch to fight criminality and report any unscrupulous people to the relevant authorities for action.

DRDC Okidi also announced that his office would be instituting a vigilante group to complement the police personnel who are very thin on the ground. He appealed to the general public to encourage young people to embrace vocational skills training and education instead of remaining idle and loitering in urban centers without any work.

DRDC Okidi stated that the government of Uganda, under the stewardship of President YKM, has established 18 industrial hubs across the country with the intention of skilling the youth. He called on the people to send their children to benefit from the training.

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DRDC Okidi asserted that he would not relent to any sort of criminality and whoever tries to destabilize the prevailing peace would be dealt with accordingly.

Community Spirit Triumphs Over Evil

The community of Lagutu village showed great spirit and unity in standing up to crime and protecting its members. The anonymous letter was intended to create fear and division, but the community refused to be intimidated. Instead, they came together to identify and apprehend the suspects.

DRDC Okidi’s call for neighborwatch and vocational skills training are important steps in addressing the root causes of crime in the community. By working together and empowering the youth, the people of Gulu can create a safer and more prosperous future for themselves.

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