Tensions Rise as Court Bailiff Claims Presidential Secretary Blocked Seizure Order

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Dr. Kenneth Omona | Photo from X
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In a telephone interview on Monday at around 10:21 PM, the Principal Private Secretary to His Excellency the President, Dr. Kenneth Omona, refuted an accusation made by Bonnie Rwamukaaga, a court Bailiff. Rwamukaaga claimed that Omona had intervened to stop the seizure of properties and churches owned by PAG Uganda Limited on Monday morning by making a phone call to halt the process.

PPS Omona stated that he had not in any way blocked any court order of execution. He emphasized that he was unaware of such a move, advising Bonnie Rwamukaaga to approach the police as Omona clarified that he is not in a law enforcement role.

Dr. Kenneth Omona highlighted that during a recent visit by His Excellency the President, General Yoweri Museveni Kaguta, to Baralegi in Otuke, the emphasis was on dialogue between PAG Uganda Limited and Yaweah Pentecostal. Omona stressed there should be no cause for alarm from Mr. Bonnie.

Bonnie Rwamukaaga, the IBRA court Bailiff, accused Dr. Omona of influencing the halt of Monday’s seizure. According to Rwamukaaga, Omona allegedly made a phone call at around 5:00 AM to higher police authorities, demanding the process to be stopped. However, Omona refuted this claim, asserting that only the police have the authority to stop such implementations, not him.

Bonnie insisted on meeting His Excellency the President to clarify the situation regarding the conflicting orders and their interference with the court’s directive from April 27, 2023, for the seizure of PAG Uganda Limited properties.

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In another interview on Tuesday evening, Bonnie Rwamukaaga, the court Bailiff responsible for implementing the seizure of PAG Uganda Limited, reiterated accusations against a senior State House official, presumed to be close to H.E. the President, for stopping the court order via a phone call at 5:00 AM on Monday.

Bonnie emphasized the need for the rule of law, noting that no one is above it. He vowed to report the matter to the President, emphasizing the urgency due to potential unrest among PAG Uganda church members, as delayed justice might provoke them to take matters into their own hands.

When our reporter contacted the Deputy IGP Maj. Gen. Tumusiime Katsigazi Geoffrey on Monday morning, he denied having any knowledge of the events mentioned by Mr. Bonnie and referred back to the court Bailiff for clarification.

Regarding the contact made to DIGP Nuwagira John on Tuesday, he redirected our reporter to the RPC of North Kyoga Region or the Director of the Legal Department of the Police before ending the call.

The RPC of North Kyoga Region, CP Deo Obura, was unavailable for comment as his phone was unreachable at the time of our attempt to contact him.

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