Minister Ogwang Blasts Katakwi Leaders Over Diverted Projects

Shame on Enemies of Progress," Minister Ogwang!

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Minister Ogwang Gifted with Chickens by His Constituents
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The Minister of State for Education and Sports (SPORTS), Hon. Peter Ogwang, has urged his constituents to hold the leadership of Katakwi accountable for explaining how government programs intended to benefit the people of Ngariam County were diverted.

The outspoken Ogwang stated that some councilors, in collaboration with a high-ranking political leader, were involved in diverting seed secondary schools and health facilities intended for Ngariam County to other counties.

Ogwang, who also serves as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngariam, made these revelations over the weekend when he donated Shs45 million to the village savings groups of Olela, Alogok, and Osudan parishes. He also contributed over Shs10 million to churches and voters, fulfilling his pledges.

“Some of these leaders are also elected by Ngariam residents, but I am surprised to see them organizing a group of councilors to convene an emergency council meeting aimed at diverting projects that I have lobbied for the people of Ngariam,” Ogwang stated.

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This follows a recent emergency council meeting convened by the Clerk to the Council, Simon Esidai, with the intention of redirecting resources meant for the construction of a memorial technical school in Ngariam sub-county and another seed secondary school in Okore sub-county to Usuk County.

“Gathering residents reacted, stating that such projects were lobbied by Ogwang to benefit the people of Ngariam. Now, some politicians want to frustrate these projects by using their influence to divert the funds for the benefit of Usuk County.”

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The councilors held a vote, but their efforts were in vain. It has been revealed that a few political leaders deducted Shs750 million, which was earmarked for the construction of Akoboi seed secondary school, and redirected it to Okulonyo in Usuk. Additionally, they deducted Shs150 million from Okore sub-county’s seed secondary school, diverting it to the same Okulonyo in Usuk.

“Tell them that they are just joking; we are not going to give up the fight until what is meant for Ngariam County is retained,” Ogwang emphasized.

Rose Mary Akurut, the district councilor for Katakwi sub-county, stated that they were mobilized to vote against Ngariam projects, but all Ngariam councilors and some from other counties refused.

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Akurut said they stood their ground and refused to vote in favor of constructing such projects in Ngariam, as originally planned by the Central Government.

Ogwang expressed his gratitude for the steadfastness of Ngariam County councilors in supporting the Ngariam agenda by refusing to vote in favor of selfish politicians.

Documented by Benjamin Epeduno.

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