MP Akena Blames Government for Excluding Akii-Bua Stadium from AFCON 2027

Akena Rejects Supreme Court Ruling Voiding His UPC Presidency
UPC President Jimmy Akena
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The President of the UPC party, Jimmy Michael Akena, has urged people to vote correctly. He addressed listeners on the issue of the Akii-Bua stadium on one of the radio stations in Lira city on Monday, 20th November 2023, from 8:00 to 9:00 AM.

“I would actually ask people to vote but vote correctly,” said Akena. “Our engagement soon with President Museveni as Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) will give us an opportunity to set things right regarding the issue of Akii-Bua Stadium. Let him own it and say I lied to the people of Lango about Akii-Bua Stadium,” MP Akena Jimmy narrated.

Hon. Jimmy Akena is not happy at all about the exclusion of Akii-Bua Stadium from hosting AFCON 2027. Akena said their demand is very clear that the people of Lango have always embraced soccer. According to him, all the people from Lango are feeling very hurt on the exclusion of Akii-Bua Stadium from the list of stadiums that are supposed to be built.

He blamed the executive for failing to submit, in time, all that was required by the Chinese regarding the construction of Akii-Bua, instead blaming the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that the excuse cannot work because it was purely due to incompetence and a lack of commitment from the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Finance.

Akena tasked leaders that they need to be very focused on what they have to do for the people of Lango. “There is an interest in sports within Lango, but this has been taken away from us by the two ministries. I am going to continue to push for Akii-Bua Stadium, but I am not going to beg. We should not take the president’s promise lightly; the problem is within his executive, which should sort out. We must have our Akii-Bua Stadium built because whatever the case, the government of Uganda must spend money to build the stadium,” added Akena.

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Hon. Akena Jimmy Michael said he has decided to move with the decision of the people to build Akii-Bua Stadium in Lira. He said the government should, therefore, ensure the stadium is built for the betterment of Lango sub-region. Akena, who is the serving MP for Lira City East Division, said no one should try to block Lango where the level of support for football is higher than other places where some people want the construction to be taken.

Earlier in his speech at Hotel Komar on Sunday evening, in a dinner after the FUFA drum game that took place at Akii-Bua Memorial Stadium, Akena emphasized the need for building Akii-Bua Stadium. MP for Kilak South, Hon. Gilbert Oulanya, noted that by building Akii-Bua Stadium in Lango, all the sub-regions in Northern Uganda can equally benefit as well. Gilbert said as one of the MPs from Acholi sub-region, they are joining Lango in the struggle to have Akii-Bua Stadium built.

During the FUFA drum game held on Sunday, 19th November 2023, a number of supporters were putting on T-Shirts labelled “No Akii-Bua, No AFCON, NO AKII-BUA, NO VOTE.” Peter Ocen Akalo, the MP for Kole, has said that as MPs, they are not going to be tired of pushing for the issue of Akii-Bua Stadium. Lira City Mayor Sam Atul said if Akii-Bua Stadium is not built, everyone will pay for it.

On Sunday, Lango Province tied up in a drawn game of 1-1 score, making Lango Province proceed to the semi-final where they will play with West Nile Province in the subsequent FUFA drum fixture. Moses Aliro scored a goal for Lango Province, and Acholi scored a goal during a penalty.

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16 days ago

My Brother Hon. Jimmy, your wife sits in nrm Executive committee don’t forget.