No Akii-Bua Stadium, No AFCON 2027: Lango Activists Demand Government Response, Plan Massive Protests

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Photo of Otto Amiza, Mawa Moses, and Obich Awio in a press briefing held at Silver Peak Hotel in Lira City on Wednesday about their activism regarding Akii-Bua Stadium Construction for AFCON 2027. Photo by Okidi Patrick.
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Several signatures have been gathered by the activists of “No Akii-Bua Stadium, No AFCON 2027.” While addressing the media on Wednesday at Silver Peak Hotel in Lira City, former Oyam South County MP, Isha Otto Amiza, Mawa Moses (NUP), and one Obich Awio, commonly known as Ngec Ngeny (FDC), jointly presented copies of signatures in regards to activism campaigns of “No Akii-Bua Stadium, No AFCON 2027.”

They enlightened the media that they are now receiving returns of signed forms in response from the community worldwide in protest of Akii-Bua’s exclusion from the 2027 AFCON game and the proposed stadium construction in Uganda. Moses Mawa, one of the activists, said they have given two weeks to their MPs and the government of Uganda to state their positions on Akii-Bua stadium construction, but nothing has taken place. He urged members of the public in Lango to turn up for massive mobilization and called upon the public to demonstrate soon over the delay.

He, however, added that the demonstration will not only be in Lango but will include other areas like Acholi, Lango, West Nile, and some parts of Teso sub-region. In his explanations, Isha Otto Amiza, the team leader of these activists, noted that CAF has since then replied to them via email to provide substantive information as per their recent petition.

“After launching the one million signatures collection, so far we have one hundred thousand signatures (100,000 signatures) signed both on hard copy and online,” said Otto Amiza. “We shall hold a press conference in Kampala very soon that will attract local, national, and international media houses to update the world about the next course of action as far as the Pamoja bid documents are concerned. Among other things, they shall provide civil and political roadmaps for actions and activities that will follow.”

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Moreover, Otto Amiza narrated to members of the press that they (activists) shall embark on massive stakeholders’ protests meeting in Lira, and that shall be in Akii-Bua over the deliberate denial by the Government of Uganda regarding Akii-Bua Stadium Construction by embarking on aggressive civil action protests and demonstrations against government and FUFA officials over Akii-Bua Olympic Stadium.

They shall ask Lango and Northern Uganda “to boycott any FUFA activities, including FUFA drum because Lango cannot be used as a source of revenue by URA when the opportunity to curtail Sports in Lango is being denied to them,” Otto emphasized.

“In the event government fails to comply, we have already been contacted authoritatively by a private investor in the United Kingdom who wants to stand with Lango and invest privately to build Akii-Bua stadium in honor of Akii-Bua John in Lango sub-region,” said Amiza. He said they shall finally petition the international court of arbitrations for sports to intervene in this subject of Uganda hosting AFCON 2027.

One of the activists, Sarah Awor Angweri, was absent during the press briefing held at Silver Peak Hotel in Lira City on Wednesday.

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