No More Trips to Moyo! NIRA Office to Open in Obongi District

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Team of NIRA's officials arrived at RDC'S office on Obongi
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There is a moderate smile on the faces of most residents in Obongi after an advance team of NIRA officials arrived in the district at the RDC’s office in Obongi district headquarters to prepare for the grand opening of their office in the district next Monday.

The distance between Obongi and Moyo district in terms of service delivery to the people of Obongi has raised eyebrows among the locals regarding the distance and expense in terms of transport. They complain about the transport cost they incur while traveling to Moyo district for NIRA services at the moment.

In an interview with the Obongi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr. Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa, Obongi district is set to get the first NIRA office. “I have met the district registration officer Moyo, Mr. Oonyu Jude, who is also caretaking Obongi district, on preparations for opening a NIRA office in Obongi. In May this year, the desk handling Obongi at the district headquarters, headed by Atiku Adinani, was closed,” noted Hasaka.

He said currently the people of Obongi have to travel to Moyo to get NIRA services, which has become hectic indeed. The Executive director of NIRA is expected in Obongi district on Monday to follow up on the issue of a NIRA office, which shall be opened up in Obongi.

“I have this afternoon conveyed my heartfelt appreciation for the speedy bringing of the NIRA office here. I am delighted to announce that it shall be a remarkable welcome of NIRA’s Office in Obongi. Our strength and determination throughout this very period of time have been truly commendable work,” Hasaka narrated.

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RDC extended his sincere gratitude to the NIRA team and to the government of Uganda under NRM, which has always supported the initiative to bring services nearer to the people of Obongi all this time round. “We look forward to receiving them to serve our community in the district with renewed energy of work as far as issuance of National ID, birth and death certificate issuance, among others,” added Samuel.

Hasaka called upon everyone in Obongi to cooperate with the team from NIRA to get the desired service delivery in time as we prepare for the 2026 elections, among other benefits.

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