Parliament Pays Tribute to Late Henry Kyemba in Emotion-Filled Ceremony

parliament pays tribute to late henry kyemba in emotion filled ceremony
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Parliament gathered to honor the memory of Henry Magumba Kyemba, a former legislator, minister, and public servant who passed away on October 19 at the age of 86. The solemn occasion took place in the House’s Central lobby, opposite the South Wing parking lot, with Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa leading the legislators in receiving Kyemba’s casket.

Members of Parliament, government officials, Kyemba’s family, and well-wishers paid their respects, with some family members shedding tears during the emotional proceedings. In a special sitting at 2 pm, Kyemba’s casket, draped in the national flag, was wheeled into the House chambers, where a full House, including opposition legislators, gathered to honor his legacy.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa commended Kyemba for his role in exposing the brutality of the Idi Amin regime and his skill in documenting historical events for future generations.

First Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Kadaga and Vice President Jessica Alupo expressed their tributes to Kyemba, emphasizing his dedication and service to Uganda. Mr. Nsaba Buturo, a former Ethics minister, described him as one of the finest men the nation has seen.

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Even opposition MPs, who had been boycotting parliamentary sittings, attended the House in honor of Kyemba. The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mr. Mathias Mpuuga, acknowledged Kyemba as a statesman and politician, but criticized the current government for not living up to its promises.

Mr. David Zijjan praised Kyemba as a politician and civil servant with a spotless record, stating that Uganda should strive to produce more individuals like him. Mr. David Isabirye suggested naming the new cancer center in Jinja after Kyemba due to his contributions as health minister.

Jinja City Woman MP Manjeri Kyebakutika called on the government to refrain from persecuting political opponents and encouraged them to follow Kyemba’s example in supporting education and the underprivileged.

In recognition of his contributions to the country, President Museveni granted Kyemba an official burial. A joint local council session will be held at Jinja City Hall, and Kyemba will be buried at his ancestral home in Bugembe Town, Jinja District.

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