PDM Transforming Lives Of Beneficiaries In Pakwach,Says RDC Eseru

The nationwide probe into PDM funds paints a disheartening picture of a program meant to alleviate poverty. It's a stark reminder of how corruption and mismanagement can undermine even the most well-intentioned initiatives.
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Pakwach, Uganda: Pakwach Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Paul Eseru, accompanied by the Deputy District Officer, made an impromptu visit to the Parish Development Model (PDM) beneficiaries of Oliejo Parish in Pakwach Sub-County, Pakwach District, on Friday.

The mission of the visit was to establish whether the beneficiaries had put the PDM funds they had received into proper use.

At the sub-county, the RDC was led by the Community Development Officer (CDO), the Honorable Councilor for Oliejo Parish, and the Parish Sacco chairperson.

According to the RDC, the team sampled five beneficiaries for goat and piggery enterprises. These included Nyeko Robert, Adokorach Florence, Rwotomiyo Barnabas, Munu Doreen, and Paliel Robert.

All the beneficiaries visited had bought goats as per the business plan.

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Paul Eseru warned that the time for romancing poverty in Pakwach is over.

“We have to force people to embrace socioeconomic transformation in order for them to stick to household income to improve their lives in their respective families,” he said.

Honourable George Campara, the councillor representing the people of Oliejo Parish and Speaker of the Sub-County, thanked the RDC and his team for the timely monitoring of PDM funds. He stated that the Youth Livelihood Project (YLP) project failed because there was no timely monitoring of the projects from the onset.

Later, RDC Paul Eseru urged the people of Oliejo who were gathered in the meeting to utilize PDM funds in accordance with the plans so that in the period of two years ahead, they would be in a position to realize its advantages and hence would also be in a position to pay back the loan in time.

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