112 Guns Surrendered as Amnesty Spurs Peace in Karamoja

112 Guns Surrendered as Amnesty Spurs Peace in Karamoja
112 Guns Surrendered as Amnesty Spurs Peace in Karamoja
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Amnesty Brings Peace as 112 Guns Recovered in Karamoja

Over the past three months, 112 guns have been retrieved in Karamoja, Uganda. The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) extended an offer of amnesty to former cattle raiders, urging them to abandon their weapons and choose peace for the betterment of the Karamoja region.

Brigadier General Felix Busizoori, the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, announced that the security situation in Karamoja Sub-Region has significantly improved since the amnesty window was extended. The region has experienced a reduction in serious raids, particularly in North Karamoja, which includes Kaabong, Kotido, Karenga, and Abim, areas that previously faced numerous raids.

General Busizoori highlighted that the peace initiative has had a positive ripple effect, with the Karachunas extending their commitment to peace in neighboring districts like Kitgum, Lira, and Agago.

He emphasized the recovery of 112 firearms over the last three months and called upon the Karachunas to relinquish their weapons in favor of peace, aiming for social and economic transformation in Karamoja.

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General Busizoori appealed to the community not to seek revenge but instead provide timely information to security forces, assuring them of the UPDF’s commitment to protecting their lives and property. He also urged the community to avoid harmful activities like charcoal burning, preserve nature, explore alternative livelihoods, and abstain from consuming ‘Etule,’ a local brewery detrimental to health and society.

As a symbol of peace, five guns were voluntarily surrendered by individuals from different villages in Moroto District and handed over to the X-Ray Battalion in Loputuk Sub County under the 403 Brigade.

Justin Tuko, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner, revealed that more Karamoja communities, particularly the Karachunas, continue to embrace amnesty, willingly surrendering their firearms to the joint security forces. Certificates were awarded to those who voluntarily returned their guns to UPDF.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Francis Chemusto, the Mount Moroto Regional Police Commander, reported that community mobilization efforts have successfully curbed criminal activities in the region.

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