Former Rebel Leader and CMI Chief to Hold Meeting

Gen Ayiga and his men describe their detention as difficult, marked by poor living conditions, inadequate food, and limited access to medical care.
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The leader of the Uganda National Rescue Front II (UNRF II) rebel group, Brig Gen Ayiga Rajabu Ayile, and his team are preparing to meet with Maj Gen James Birungi, the commander of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). The meeting aims to address ongoing issues that have strained relations between the former rebels and the army.

This development comes after reports by the Daily Monitor revealed allegations of the former rebels being held in deplorable conditions. Maj Gen Birungi clarified that members of UNRF II voluntarily surrendered to Ugandan authorities from South Sudan while seeking peace.

The primary purpose of the upcoming meeting is to update the former rebels on the progress of the amnesty process and their potential meeting with President Museveni. Gen Birungi emphasized that UNRF II members are not under military detention and that an apartment in Ntinda had been arranged for their stay.

Gen Ayiga had recently accused CMI of detaining him in a house without water and inadequate food. He also expressed frustration over delays in meeting with President Museveni, despite being informed of the meeting a year ago. However, following media coverage of their living conditions, CMI restored water supply to their residence and allowed them freedom of movement.

Gen Ayiga explained that their main concern is the delay in meeting the President and feeling confined. He stated their desire for peace, emphasizing that they did not engage in hostilities against the Ugandan government during their time in South Sudan. They hope to meet with President Museveni to secure amnesty and return to their families for regional development.

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Additionally, when Gen Ayiga and his team met with the chairperson of the Amnesty Commission, Justice Peter Onega, they were informed that the Commission was awaiting a directive from the President to initiate the amnesty process. Gen Ayiga acknowledged that while they had initially been informed of the Commission’s term expiring, they were later granted two more years for processing their amnesty claim.

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