KCCA Closes 248 Bodaboda Stages in Preparation for NAM and G77+ China Summits

kcca closes 248 bodaboda stages in preparation for nam and g77 china summits
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The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has taken the decisive step of closing 248 commercial motorcycles (bodaboda) stages in anticipation of the upcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77+ China summits. This move, according to KCCA Spokesperson Daniel Muhumuza, primarily impacts bodaboda riders in Makindye and Central divisions as part of efforts to ensure the safe and efficient movement of delegates during the summits.

In Makindye, restricted roads include Lukuli, Mobutu, Gaba, Prince Badru, Kakungulu, among others. Central division sees restrictions on Nile, Avenue, Parliamentary Avenue, George Street, Kafu, Ssezibwa, and Yusuf Lule. While bodaboda riders are permitted to use these roads, they are strictly prohibited from parking on them.

Post the NAM and G77+ China summits, KCCA has announced that Kampala will retain only 425 bodaboda stages out of the current 51,893. The distribution of these stages includes 60 for Kampala Central, 76 for Kawempe, 102 for Nakawa, 90 for Lubaga, and 97 for Makindye.

In a bid to present a clean and secure city during the summits, KCCA has taken additional measures, such as relocating 259 children from the streets to the Masuulita Children Centre for rehabilitation. Furthermore, 15 individuals allegedly involved in supporting street beggars have been apprehended and are set to face legal proceedings.

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For emergency preparedness, Godfrey Okobo, the operations officer for the fire directorate, disclosed that 150 firefighters are ready to respond to any emergencies, including fire outbreaks and road crashes. An emergency command center has been established at the Fire Directorate headquarters at Clock Tower.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that over 4,000 delegates are expected to attend the summits. To ensure security, joint covert and overt security teams have been deployed, focusing on potential criminal activities, including terrorism. The security plan covers the entire journey of the delegates, from the airport to their hotels and conference centers. Air drones and other surveillance mechanisms are in place, with the overall security command center situated at the National Closed Circuit Commander Centre in Naguru.

Security authorities have urged all Ugandans to cooperate and collaborate with security agencies to guarantee the safety of everyone during these significant international events.

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