Uganda Police Urges District Task Forces to Combat Human Trafficking

Uganda Police Urges District Task Forces to Combat Human Trafficking
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Eastern Uganda Joins Forces Against Human Trafficking

In a move to address the growing concern of human trafficking in Uganda, Commissioner of Police (CP) Julius Twinomujuni, who serves as the Coordinator for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons (COPTIP) in Uganda, has urged District Task Forces to step up their efforts in combating this grave issue within their respective areas of jurisdiction.

This call to action came during a meeting held on November 3rd, 2023, where CP Twinomujuni addressed a team of individuals from the task forces located in Eastern Uganda. Their primary objective is to raise awareness about the severity of human trafficking and explore effective strategies to combat it.

The team is comprised of 40 officers from various professional backgrounds, who have come together to address the challenges they face in carrying out their responsibilities and to devise plans for countering these issues. Their backgrounds encompass diverse sectors, including religious groups, local governments, security agencies such as the Police and ISO, labor officers, Community Development Officers, probation officers, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Educational Officers, and others operating within the Bukedi region.

The formation of these specialized task forces has been prompted by the alarming increase in domestic human trafficking, particularly in regions like Arua, Kyotera, Tororo, and Kasese, where the initiative has been piloted. By pooling their resources and expertise, this group is determined to tackle the rising human trafficking problem and safeguard vulnerable individuals residing in Eastern Uganda.

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Sectors Represented in Eastern Uganda Task Force

Sector Number of Representatives
Religious Groups 7
Local Governments 5
Security Agencies (Police, ISO) 8
Labor Officers 6
Community Development Officers 4
Probation Officers 3
Office of the DPP 4
Educational Officers 3


As these task forces join forces to address human trafficking, their coordinated efforts are expected to make a significant impact in the fight against this troubling issue that affects not only Uganda but the world at large.

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