Teso Youth Task Emorimor to Summon Teso Leaders

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Photo of the Iteso king Emorimor Papa Sande Emolot (Photo by steven Ariong )
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A group of youth in the Teso region has urged the cultural king of Teso, Papa Emorimor Sande Emolot, to summon all the leaders of Teso region to address the increasing conflicts among Teso leaders.

According to the youth, the Acholi region is progressing because Acholi leaders are united and do not bring up party affiliations when discussing issues affecting Acholi.

“Our Teso leaders have failed to learn from their counterparts in Acholi,” said Patrick Omagor, one of the youth.

Mr. Omagor stated that Teso leaders spend a significant amount of their productive time fighting each other, while leaders from other regions focus on lobbying the government for their people.

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Moses Opolot from Gweri emphasized that Papa Emorimor needs to use his office to resolve this issue. He pointed out that the infighting among Teso leaders also adversely affects the performance of the Teso cultural institution.

“I regret our king Papa Emorimor; please call all Teso leaders and put them in order to stop infighting because we are losing a lot due to their conflicts,” he said.

Grace Anyumel, a businesswoman in Soroti, expressed that an Itesot helping a fellow Itesot is powerful.

“Visit Kampala and the western region to see how people are being assisted by our leaders, then come back home and observe how few they are helping; this is shameful,” she stated.

Ms. Anyumel mentioned that an Itesot celebrates heavily for the downfall of another Itesot, which is not a practice seen in other tribes.

This publication is yet to confirm whether the king will summon the leaders of Teso.

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