VP Alupo Visit Cements Brotherhood Between Communities Divided By Colonial Borders

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Over the weekend, the atmosphere at the Malaba border between Uganda and Kenya was filled with a delightful ambiance as Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo arrived triumphantly in Kenya.

Alupo was accompanied by a formidable delegation, which included Emorimor Papa Paul Sande Emolot, State Minister for Disability Hellen Grace Asamo, and more than 16 Members of Parliament representing the Ateker people in Teso Sub-Region.

The all-rounder Second-in-Command, had made a one-day private visit to Kenya on the invitation of Rt. Rev. John Okude Omuse, the Bishop of A.C.K Diocese of Katakwa Kenya yesterday. Alupo who for the first time entered Kenya through Malaba’s one-stop border was received by H.E Dr. Otuoma Nyongesa, the Governor of Busia County (Kenya), security chiefs, and other high-ranking leaders from the Kenyan Government. During the colorful visit fully sanctioned by Gen. Yoweri Museveni and his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto, the Vice President attended a short prayer in Katakwa Cathedral, addressed and motivated the girl child at St Thomas Girls Secondary School. IMG 20240205 WA0007 She further held an exclusive leaders meeting at the Bishop’s office and later addressed the Ateker people at St. Thomas Cathedral Grounds.   EMBRACE UNITY Alupo noted that the people of Uganda and Kenya are blessed with a natural bond that is God-given. “We are sitting here as Iteso of Kenya and Uganda. We also have the Samia of Kenya and Uganda. We also have the Bagisu of Kenya and Uganda in Lwakaka, etcetera, etcetera. This clearly shows we’re one. We should for that matter, embrace teamwork and unity for socioeconomic development” she said. She stressed that between Uganda and Kenya, we find very strong cultural groups that are God-given emphasizing that we can therefore not squander this bond of blood. “The best we can do is to strengthen our unity as people of Kenya and Uganda because as Africans we are one,” Alupo said. The Vice President was all smiles that the people of East Africa have demonstrated that unity is strength adding that from the earlier three East African states, the community right now boasts of eight members including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Somalia and DR Congo. “This demonstrates that humanity is the priority. As Africans, we belong together as a people and we do not support any form of sectarianism,” Alupo said. IMG 20240205 WA0008 ABOUT THE VISIT She told the bishop that her delegation had visited Kenya to demonstrate to the Ateker people that they have brothers in Uganda who care for them. Alupo said the existing colonial boundaries are basically for administration but we the two groups have the same cultural values. She thanked the governments of Kenya and Uganda for the prevailing peace and stability which enabled them to show solidarity between themselves. Alupo however, appealed to the Iteso people in Kenya to demonstrate nationalism by loving their country (Kenya) to which they belong, adding that as the government of Uganda, it is committed to ensuring that harmonious co-existence with the government and people of Kenya continues. She said when the people of Uganda, Kenya, and East Africa are united, it becomes much easier to implement development programs. Alupo called upon the Ateker people to support government programs with dedication. “It is very important to pay attention to programs, especially on education because it is a weapon one can use to change the world,” Alupo said and urged parents and leaders to support both boy and girl children to ensure they complete the education cycle. She thanked Papa Emorimor, the bishop, and the people of Katakwa and Busia county for the invitation and warm reception accorded to her during this maiden visit. IMG 20240205 WA0010 THANK YOU SISTER FOR VISITING KENYA Meanwhile, Dr. Nyongesa said that as the people of Busia Kenya, they were extremely delighted by the Vice President’s visit. “You have not only come here as a very senior government dignitary but also as a person who is coming at home and a sister,” he said and described it as a clear testimony of the East African federation which he lauded Gen. Museveni for his untiring efforts towards achieving and realizing it. “Whether you’re in Kenya or Uganda we are one people. Your visit is a clear demonstration that the Iteso people are one,” Nyongesa declared. He noted that when people are together, they build strong families and when families are strong, even communities become stronger hence reserving their cultural values. The king himself, Papa Sande with joy also urged attendees to uphold cultural norms and traditional practices of the Ateker. In another development, the host Bishop John Okude, commended the Vice President for coming to share with the Ateker people of Kenya. He said the Iteso community living in both Kenya and Uganda have over three years yearned for stewardship towards their reunion and partnership. “I thank the Vice President for offering the much-needed stewardship and leadership” he declared. Moving forward, the Ateker people handed over a Memorandum of Understanding to Alupo who promised to address all the raised with her boss, President Museveni. The MoU contained majorly four issues. These included documenting Iteso culture and language, supporting cross-border trade, and professional exchange programs, and lobbying for support for ACK Diocese projects.

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Philip wanyonyi
Philip wanyonyi
22 days ago

The Vice president’s visit is a good gesture not only for Iteso but for the entire region of EA community. Brotherhood between Kenya and Uganda is historical and should be embraced to Foster unity for development