Public Outcry as Moroto Hospital’s Negligence Claims Lives of Expectant Mothers

Nurse walk by the compound of Moroto regional referal hospital which was upflited last year (photo by Steven Ariong)
Nurse walk by the compound of Moroto regional referal hospital which was uplifted last year (photo by Steven Ariong).
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Moroto, Uganda:  The number of mothers giving birth at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital has recently declined due to a high number of maternal deaths during childbirth.

The recent incident that ignited controversy was the death of Sarah Nadye, attributed to what the public perceives as routine negligence by nurses on duty.

According to the deceased’s aunt, Nakoroi, Sarah went to the hospital and remained unattended for five days until she experienced labor pains.

She added that during labor, Sarah was moved to the theater by individuals unfamiliar with the equipment, and it was only then realized that the newborn had cuts on the hand and eye.

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“These so-called doctors also failed to wake up the deceased mother; instead, they pulled her to the floor of the ward while on oxygen, with one side of the stomach opened. This raised our concerns, but the doctors disappeared,” she said.

Nakoroi mentioned that other doctors later arrived, stitching the deceased’s stomach while in the ward. By that time, Sarah started developing hiccups and eventually died.

Although the hospital administration claims the mother arrived late, this argument was rejected during the hospital board meeting, where the general public expressed anger towards the hospital management.

This publication notes that many expectant mothers have now avoided the government facility, choosing UPDF health centers or traditional birth attendants instead.

Joyce Angolere, a mother and resident of Loputuk, stated, “Moroto Regional Referral Hospital is just a name; it’s a dead hospital. We have realized that if you want to die before your time, go to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital; they will expedite the process.”

A source within the hospital, speaking on condition of anonymity and frustrated with the situation, emphasized the urgent need for intervention from the ministry.

“There are many disturbing things happening in this hospital, but we remain silent because speaking out leads to job loss,” he said.

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