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Zaake Speaks Out: Claims He’s Been Banned from Parliament After Court Victory

Sunday, October 8, 2023


  • MP Zaake Alleges Ban from Parliament Despite Court’s Ruling
  • Complains of Parliamentary Ban
  • “Parliament Restricts Zaake’s Speaking Rights

Francis Zaake, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Mityana Municipality, expressed his dissatisfaction with the ban on his ability to speak in parliament, which he attributes to Speaker Anita Among and Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa. Zaake had previously been censured for using inappropriate language against Speaker Among following comments she made that seemed to question his claims of being a torture victim. The Constitutional court recently ruled that the resolution to remove Zaake from his role as a commissioner of parliament was null and void due to the lack of the required quorum for its passage.

In an interview with local press, Zaake shared his frustration at being prevented from speaking in parliament and voiced his concerns about the situation. He emphasized that such actions were unacceptable, especially considering his role as a representative of the people.

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Zaake also expressed his satisfaction with the Constitutional court’s ruling, which declared his censure unlawful and highlighted the importance of upholding the rule of law. However, he criticized parliament for failing to follow the laws it had created, leading to a paradoxical situation.

Regarding the possibility of the Attorney General appealing the ruling, Zaake emphasized the need for parliament to respect the court’s decision and not disregard it. He expressed confidence that parliament’s statement indicating respect for the court’s decision would lead to its implementation.

Zaake further discussed the challenges faced by the court system in Uganda and the importance of justice for all citizens. He pointed out that while some judgments were fair, many people still did not experience justice through the court system, raising concerns about the state of justice in the country.

Addressing accusations of double standards, Zaake defended his track record of legal victories and emphasized that justice should be accessible to all citizens. He highlighted the humiliation he had endured throughout the saga, including the confiscation of his parliamentary car and the suspension of his emoluments.

Zaake revealed that he had been repeatedly prevented from speaking in parliament, despite his efforts to assert his right to do so. He discussed the lack of communication and cooperation between MPs and the need for a structured working relationship.

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