Government Forces Liberate Four al-Shabab Strongholds in Southwest Somalia

government forces liberate four al shabab strongholds in southwest somalia
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Somalia National Army (SNA) forces have made significant advances in the ongoing campaign against al-Shabab extremists, successfully capturing four key villages in the country’s southwestern region. This operation represents the second phase of the government’s concerted effort to eliminate the threat posed by the militant group. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that Dudumale, Bulo-Kajor, Abagbeday, and Elgaras villages, all previously held by al-Shabab, are now under government control in the town of Hudur.

The Ministry of Defense issued a statement in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, heralding this development as a pivotal achievement in the mission to restore safety and security to local communities. It described the military’s actions as a significant step forward in countering the influence and activities of al-Shabab, referring to them as the “Khawarij.” The liberation of these villages marks the beginning of the second phase of the government’s campaign, which seeks to extend peace and stability to regions once plagued by extremist violence.

The liberated villages were known to have been strongholds for al-Shabab, where the group had exercised significant control and inflicted terror on local residents. With the government’s successful military offensive, peace and security have been restored to these areas, bringing much-needed relief to the communities that were previously under constant threat.

The Somali National Army, in collaboration with allied forces, continues its robust efforts in joint military operations against al-Shabab. This follows the conclusion of the first phase of the operation, which saw the reclamation of substantial territories in central and southern Somalia that were previously held by the extremist group. The government’s persistence in its offensive against al-Shabab demonstrates its commitment to eradicating the militant threat and establishing lasting security in the region.

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