Court Orders 12 Congolese Detained in Kapsabet to Refugee Camp and Uganda

court orders 12 congolese detained in kapsabet to refugee camp and uganda
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In Kapsabet, 12 individuals from the Democratic Republic of Congo were arrested over the weekend due to their illegal presence in the country. Following their appearance in court, an order was issued to transfer them to Ugandan authorities and the Kakuma refugee camp situated in Turkana. The Kakuma refugee camp provides shelter to numerous refugees, including those from Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Burundi, among others.

The decision to move these individuals to Uganda and the refugee camp came at their request, as they expressed a preference not to return to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Consequently, they were held at a local police station in anticipation of their repatriation, while law enforcement authorities worked to carry out the court’s orders.

This development coincided with the detention of 13 Ethiopian nationals in a separate incident for illegal entry into the country. The first group of seven individuals, aged between 15 and 25 years, was apprehended in Maktau, Taita Taveta, as they awaited assistance to cross into Tanzania. They informed the police of their intention to seek better employment opportunities in South Africa.

The second group of six Ethiopian nationals was arrested in Kehancha, Migori County, as they were en route to Tanzania. They had been left in the Kiomakebe area by a trafficker attempting to transport them across the Kenya-Tanzania border in Isibania. Their journey had originated at the Moyale border, passing through Nairobi, Narok, Kisii, and Migori before their detention on October 13. As these individuals lacked proper immigration documentation, they would be presented in court and subsequently considered for repatriation to Ethiopia.

In yet another incident, two Ethiopians were arrested in Malaika area, Kakamega, while being transported on a motorcycle. Local residents alerted the police to their presence as they were being taken in the direction of Sigalagala. The authorities have noted an increase in cases of Ethiopians being trafficked into the country.

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The primary route used by most of these foreign nationals is through Moyale, Ethiopia, as they attempt to reach South Africa and the Middle East, often unaware of the perils involved. Consequently, law enforcement frequently detains numerous individuals in various locations within the country while they await further arrangements for their onward journey.

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