Leaders Must Adapt to CS Kuria’s New Role, Says Manyora

leaders must adapt to cs kurias new role says manyora
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Political analyst Herman Manyora has given a warning to leaders who believed that Public Service CS Moses Kuria’s influence had diminished after the recent cabinet reshuffle.

Manyora emphasized the need for these leaders to adjust their strategies before Kuria finds ways to enhance his authority in his new role.

According to the analyst, CS Kuria has a broad interpretation of the scope of his new responsibilities and might become more influential.

Manyora stated, “Whoever thought they were demoting Moses Kuria should be in for a great shock. They had better revise their strategy before Kuria takes over half the government. He has a very liberal interpretation of the reaches of his docket.”

These changes in the cabinet occurred approximately two months after President William Ruto publicly criticized some of his Cabinet members for lacking crucial information about their respective roles.

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President Ruto expressed his frustration on August 1 while overseeing the signing of performance contracts by Cabinet members at State House, Nairobi.

In the reshuffle, Moses Kuria was moved from the Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industry to the Public Service Ministry. His former position was assumed by Rebecca Miano.

Kuria’s previous position was considered influential, providing him with considerable sway in the country’s business circles, both nationally and internationally.

On October 4, a communication from Head of Public Service Felix Koskei announced several other changes:

Former Role New Role
Water CS Alice Wahome Ministry of Lands, Public Works and Urban Development
Foreign and Diaspora Affairs CS Alfred Mutua Tourism and Wildlife docket
Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action CS Aisha Jumwa Ministry of Gender, Culture, Arts and Heritage
Peninah Malonza Ministry of East Africa Community, the ASALS, and East Africa Development
Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary (Expanded Role) Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs
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