Senate Committee Orders Arrest of Pathologist Oduor for Ignoring Summons

Senate Committee Orders Arrest of Pathologist Oduor for Ignoring Summons
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In a recent development, a Senate committee has issued an order for the arrest of Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, who repeatedly failed to respond to summons to appear before the committee. The Senate Ad Hoc Committee, responsible for investigating the deaths in Shakahola, extended several invitations to Oduor, which went unanswered.

Committee Chairperson Danson Mungatana expressed the committee’s frustration with Oduor’s noncompliance during a press briefing. Mungatana called upon the Inspector General of Police to apprehend Oduor and present him before the committee. The scheduled appearance is set for Tuesday next week at 10 a.m.

Mungatana emphasized that Oduor is now under obligation to respond to the committee’s summons and will be held accountable for his actions. To further enforce their stance, the committee imposed a fine of Sh500,000 on Oduor for evading previous summonses issued by the Senate.

Mungatana clarified that the committee’s objective is not to inquire about Oduor’s personal life but to address the concerning deaths in Shakahola. He questioned why Oduor had not appeared before the committee when other high-ranking government officials had done so.

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The committee also intends to question Paul Mackenzie, the primary suspect in the Shakahola case, on the same day as Oduor. However, their attempts to serve Mackenzie with a summons in prison faced complications as an officer at the facility obstructed the process. Mungatana directed the Parliament’s process server to reissue the summons and held the Senior Superintendent of Prisons at Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison personally responsible for ensuring Mackenzie’s compliance.

As of the end of September, Shakahola forest had seen 429 bodies exhumed. The data revealed that 214 individuals died from starvation, 39 from asphyxia, 14 from head injuries, while the cause of death remained unascertained for 115 others. Additional deaths were attributed to various causes.

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