Museveni Declares BRICS to Be Africa’s New Source of Oxygen

PHOTO XINHUA BRICS Summit South Africa
PHOTO - XINHUA BRICS Summit South Africa
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President Yoweri Museveni, the master of rhetoric, or rather his eloquent mouthpiece Vice President Jessica Alupo, delivered a speech at the 15th BRICS Summit and graced the universe with his profound insights at the BRICS Summit, that wondrous gathering of world economies where Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa come together to sprinkle their magic dust on the oppressed and downtrodden.

Museveni, with all the subtlety of a bullhorn in a china shop, declared that BRICS is the beacon of hope, the shining light that will guide countries towards freedom and independence. Because, you know, who needs actual policy changes, economic reforms, or, heaven forbid, addressing internal issues when you can just join a fancy acronym club?

The President, not one to mince words, painted a vivid picture of humanity’s battle against nature’s forces – disease, hunger, droughts – and then, just for dramatic effect, threw in oppression from fellow humans.

Uganda, that land of whimsical legislation and financial uncertainties, is currently enjoying a tiff with the World Bank and Western nations. They’ve dared to raise concerns about the Anti-Homosexuality Act. But fret not, for Museveni champions the cause of “no interference in ideologies.” Yes, because ideologies, like fine wines, should never be questioned or examined, especially when they come with a side of human rights concerns.

“In the fight for the emancipation of man from oppression of man by fellow men,” Museveni’s words ring out like a chorus of angels with identity crises, “we should respect the choices of the different nations and countries.” Just don’t ask what those choices entail, dear reader. It’s probably something wonderfully democratic, like choosing between vanilla and chocolate oppression.

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Museveni, that sage diplomat, went on to laud BRICS for providing a platform of justice, equality, and independence.

And let’s not forget the summit’s plans for expansion, like a growing family welcoming Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates into its fold. Because nothing says “inclusive growth” like countries with diverse human rights records coming together to discuss economic cooperation.

In a stunning finale, the summit encouraged global financial institutions to play nice and help build economic consensus. Because, really, when has the world ever disagreed about economics? It’s not like they’re dealing with anything complex like poverty, inequality, or environmental concerns.

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