“Bring Two More!” Lira City Begs Minister Amongi for More Free Vans

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Service van donated to Lira City by Hon. Amongi Betty Akena. Photo/Okidi Patrick.
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Many people in Lira City have shown a high level of appreciation and commended the Minister for Gender, Labour, and Social Development, Hon. Betty Amongi Akena, for categorically helping the people of Lira City by donating a free transport van.

The Ankole Times newspaper talked to some people within Lira City to gather their opinions on Minister Amongi Betty Akena’s service van.

According to Honorable Councilor V, Acen Judith, of Lira City East Division, the service van donated by Hon. Betty Amongi is being utilized by all categories of people without any segregation in Lira City. She added that the van is also helping transport mourners to funeral places and facilitating the transportation and referral of sick individuals to various health facilities. Judith said Hon. Amongi has done a lot to help the people within Lira City by providing timely transportation services for Lira City residents.

On the other hand, Jennifer Opio, a former contestant for Lira City East mayoral race, has requested Hon. Minister Betty Amongi to donate another service van because the community is demanding and appreciating the services offered by the current van on the ground.

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Mr. Jimmy Ayoo, one of the closest political members of Hon. Amongi, noted that the service van operation cuts across several sectors, including handling emergencies and other transportation calls by members of Lira City. He appreciated Honorable Minister Amongi for the job well done and expressed expectations for more to be done by Hon. Minister Betty in the near future, especially in Lira City.

Dokas Adon of Anai Ober, a 33-year-old woman, said, “If it is true that Hon. Amongi wants to contest for Lira City as Woman MP, then she has already laid a good foundation by starting to deliver to the people. They want her to bring two more service vans to Lira City and allocate one for Lira City East Division and another one for Lira City West, respectively.”

Another person, Okello Ben of Senior Quarters in Lira City, noted that the van should be free of charge for transporting emergencies. He applauded Amongi Betty for being pro-people and donating the van but requested her to lobby for an ambulance for Ober Health Centre IV based in Lira City West Division.

Amongi Betty is currently eyeing the Lira City Woman MP seat in the upcoming 2026 general elections. She will be facing the Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, who is currently serving as the Woman MP for Lira City in the 11th Parliament.

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