NSSF Warns Employers About Evading Contributions Through Intern Disguises

NSSF Pension Towers
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In a recent gathering of regional employers from Eastern Uganda and Karamoja, Gerald Paul Kasaato, the acting NSSF Deputy Managing Director, sounded a stern warning to employers. He cautioned them against disguising their workers as interns in an attempt to avoid remitting their monthly contributions to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Kasaato underlined that the NSSF advocates for all interns who receive monthly payments to commence contributing to the NSSF, making it clear that disguising regular employees as interns to evade their responsibilities is unacceptable.

He further pointed out that some employers engage in under-declaring the actual salaries of their employees to reduce their NSSF contributions. This practice, Kasaato emphasized, is against the rules and needs to cease.

The NSSF officials also provided insight into the Fund’s growth prospects, projecting that its assets are expected to reach UGX 50 trillion by 2035. They offered valuable advice to both employees and employers on how to benefit from this growth.

Kasaato shared their ambitious goal to cover 50% of Uganda’s working population, an increase from the current 12%. By 2035, they aim to reach the 50% mark. Additionally, they aspire to achieve 95% staff engagement and 95% customer satisfaction, underscoring their commitment to serving the people.

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The regional employers’ meeting serves as a vital platform for employers to engage with NSSF officials, ensuring accountability and facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas to enhance the Fund’s operations.

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