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19-Year-Old Fake Doctor Arrested at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital

Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Shirat Namatongo
The Ankole Times
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Authorities at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) have arrested Shirat Namatongo, a 19-year-old female impersonator posing as a medical doctor.

Namatongo, a resident of Katete in Mbarara City Suburb, was apprehended in the health worker’s changing room, donned in clinical attire and carrying medical equipment, attempting to blend in with hospital staff.

Halson Kagure, the hospital’s Public Relations Officer, recounted the event, stating, “She was noticed by Saidati Nabiyiki, the Incharge of that unit, while attempting to change clothes. Seeing an unfamiliar face, Nabiyiki questioned her presence in the doctors’ changing room.”

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Halson Kagure

Kagure added, “Initially, the suspect claimed to be a student of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology’s Faculty of Medicine (MUSTFOM). However, when asked to name three medical faculty members at MUST, she faltered, exposing her deception.”

Further investigation revealed Namatongo’s prolonged presence within the hospital premises, where she deceived patients and staff alike. She was found carrying drugs such as tenoten, dexamethasone, albendazole, and disposable gloves. Hospital security intervened, leading to her arrest.

Subsequent examination of Namatongo’s belongings uncovered additional drugs, reinforcing suspicions of her fraudulent activities. Surprisingly, detectives identified Namatongo as the same individual previously selling fruits to them. Confessing to her crimes, Namatongo offered to assist the police in apprehending her accomplices, who had also exploited patients at the hospital.

The suspect being taken to Mbarara Central Police Station

Dr. Deus Twesigye, a Senior Consultant General Surgeon and Acting Hospital Director, condemned Namatongo’s actions, emphasizing their exploitation of vulnerable patients. He urged thorough investigation by the police to eliminate individuals tarnishing the hospital’s reputation.

Hospital administration reiterated their commitment to providing free services to all patients, emphasizing the necessity of verifying credentials for medical professionals. They highlighted the hospital’s client charter, outlining patients’ rights and obligations, and pledged continued efforts to educate the public.

This incident underscores the importance of vigilance in healthcare and the verification of medical professionals’ credentials. Mbarara Central Police initiated General Enquiry File (GEF) 060/024 to investigate all allegations and ensure justice prevails.

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Shirat Namatongo

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