Director of Public Prosecution Sanctions Murder Charges Against Molly Katanga

director of public prosecution sanctions murder charges against molly katanga
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The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Jane Frances Abodo, has officially charged Molly Katanga with murder in connection to the death of her husband, Henry Katanga. The incident, which occurred on November 1 at Mbuya Hill, has been under investigation, with initial reports suggesting both suicide and murder as possible scenarios.

Police detectives uncovered evidence indicating that Henry Katanga’s body was initially found in the master bedroom but was later moved to the sitting room, suggesting a deliberate attempt to manipulate the crime scene. The daughter of the deceased and the shamba boy were implicated in the removal of the body. Additionally, efforts were made to involve Dr. Charles Otai in an attempt to disguise the death as suicide.

The DPP, after reviewing the evidence presented by the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), charged Molly Katanga with murder. Patricia Kakwanza and Martha Katanga Nkwanzi were charged with destroying evidence by tampering with the crime scene. Tricia Katanga, called in later, has not been charged and may serve as a witness in the case.

Furthermore, the DPP sanctioned charges of being an accessory after the fact against George Amanyire and Charles Otai. Amanyire, identified as the shamba boy, allegedly assisted in moving the body under Molly Katanga’s instructions.

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The suspects, including Kakwanza, Otai, and Amanyire, were remanded on charges of destroying evidence and being an accessory after the fact. They appeared before Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court, where the Chief Magistrate, Erias Kakooza, read the charges. The court set December 4, 2023, as the date for a bail application hearing and the return of the accused from Luzira prison.

Preliminary investigations reveal that Molly and Henry Katanga were involved in supplying items to key government agencies, including the Ministry of Defense. Henry Katanga, a prince of the Ankole kingdom, and Molly Katanga, a relative and confidant to government and security officials, were prominent figures. The investigations are ongoing, and the court highlighted the need for continuous scrutiny of efficiency and lower turnaround times at the ports.

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