Deputy LC5 Chairperson of Kiruhura District Arrested on Rape Allegations

Deputy LC5 Chairperson of Kiruhura District Arrested on Rape Allegations
Deputy LC5 Chairperson of Kiruhura District Arrested on Rape Allegations
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In a significant development that has stirred the local community, Adson Atuhaire, the deputy LC5 chairperson of Kiruhura District, aged 30, has been taken into custody by the police, following allegations of rape involving a 20-year-old student.

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the distressing incident unfolded within the Rwizi Region, and it has brought into question the reputation of a well-known public figure. Enanga revealed that the accused, Atuhaire, had an encounter with the young victim on September 8, 2023, around 2:00 pm.

The incident occurred in Rwentondo, Kakoba Ward, situated in Mbarara City, as explained by Enanga. He provided details of how the sequence of events transpired.

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“It all began when the victim, a 20-year-old student, provided directions to the Golden Leaf Bar to Atuhaire and his companions. They were traveling in a Toyota Premio with the registration number UAT 238Q,” Enanga stated.

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As the day turned into evening, Enanga alleged that Atuhaire approached the young woman, inviting her for an evening outing.

“He picked her up from her hostel in Kakoba Kyapatoni cell, and together, they initially set out for what appeared to be a simple errand – purchasing groceries and snacks. However, this seemingly innocuous excursion took a dark and disturbing turn,” he described.

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Enanga went on to explain that during their journey back, the accused deviated from the expected route, leading the unsuspecting victim into a distressing ordeal.

“It was on this unexpected route that the alleged rape occurred, irrevocably altering the course of the victim’s life. The victim, displaying courage and determination, promptly reported the incident to the authorities. Law enforcement swiftly took action, apprehending the suspect and seizing his motor vehicle as evidence in the case,” he concluded.

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