Missing Schoolgirl Found at Entebbe Airport

Disappearance Mystery Resolved: Schoolgirl Recovered at Entebbe Airport
Disappearance Mystery Resolved: Schoolgirl Recovered at Entebbe Airport
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A second-year student at Trinity College Nabbingo in Wakiso district, who had gone missing from her parents’ home, was located at Entebbe Airport.

On Monday evening, September 18, 2023, Christine Esther Mirembe’s father, Frank Mulumba, reported to New Vision Online that his daughter had returned home to Buloba along Mityana Road.

According to Mulumba, the 15-year-old girl was handed over to his sister, who works near the airport, by the Aviation Police. She subsequently drove Mirembe back home in the evening. Mulumba expressed his gratitude, stating, “Yes, she has arrived home, and we are happy, thanks to everyone who has helped us to see our daughter again.”

However, Mulumba mentioned that they were planning to take their daughter to the police to facilitate further inquiries, suspecting a potential case of human trafficking or kidnapping. He explained that the family remained perplexed about how their young daughter ended up at the airport, as the police reported she was found in the airport’s waiting lounge.

“This girl is too young to have traveled on her own, passing through police checkpoints, up to where she was found,” Mulumba remarked. He also noted that Mirembe was still wearing the same clothes she had on when she disappeared from home around 6:45 am on Saturday, the day she was supposed to return to school.

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“At this moment, we don’t want to interrogate her; she is quiet, but we are jubilant. However, we want to investigate further to determine how she ended up in this place,” he added, confirming that she was in good health.

Mulumba shared that the family had received numerous phone calls from individuals claiming to have spotted her, causing some confusion. Ultimately, they received confirmation from Mulumba’s sister and brother at approximately 3:00 pm that Mirembe had been located at the airport.

Mirembe’s elder sister, Maria Kisakye, expressed that the family still had many unanswered questions, particularly because no documents were found with her.


The parents had made impassioned appeals on various WhatsApp platforms, seeking assistance in locating their missing daughter. Mirembe had been missing from her parents’ home in Buloba along Mityana Road since Saturday, September 16, 2023.

Mulumba explained that his daughter had been wearing an orange kitenge dress and had complained of a headache. The family had been preparing to take her to a clinic for treatment.

Kisakye also recounted that on the morning of her disappearance, they were all at home, indoors, and preparing to carry out morning chores when Mirembe mysteriously disappeared from the family’s sight. She had gotten up around 6:30 am, changed into her orange kitenge attire, typically worn for chores, and seemed to be heading out with a basin as if she intended to wash before her return to school. However, when her sister tried to call her, there was no response.

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