Journalists Barred from Uganda’s Parliament

journalists barred from ugandas parliament
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Parliament is currently facing a situation of increased tension as journalists have been denied access to the gallery where they usually report on the proceedings within the House. The reason for locking the gallery remains undisclosed. This development has left journalists in a state of uncertainty, unsure of their next steps.

In response to the rising tension, anti-riot police have been deployed around the Parliament premises. The plenary session scheduled for today is anticipated to be disorderly, reflecting the events of the previous day.

Leaders from the opposition have conducted a crisis meeting with Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa to address the suspension of five opposition MPs and the alleged disappearance of video evidence that purportedly exposes the security forces’ harsh actions against National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters. The outcome of this meeting will determine whether the video evidence will be reintroduced in the House.

This situation increases the likelihood of today’s plenary session becoming chaotic, as the opposition is resolute in discussing their report. Furthermore, the decision taken in the meeting with the Deputy Speaker will also influence whether the leader of the opposition will be allowed to participate in debates without the videos.

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Additionally, the five suspended MPs, namely Betty Nambooze, Joyce Bagala, Derrick Nyeko, Frank Kabuye, and Francis Zaake, will not have access to the Parliament chambers or premises.

Yesterday, tensions flared up in Parliament when the government presented a report concerning the treatment of NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi. Opposition members insisted on the presentation of video evidence, resulting in further disruption amid heightened security measures. The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa, adjourned the session twice due to disagreements regarding the display of the video.

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