Lira Families Seek Police Assistance in Tracing Missing Persons

14 Year Old Boy Found Dead in Lira City West Division, Police Investigating
Lira Central Police Station | Photo By Elias Makuka
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Two families in Lira City have reached out to the Police seeking assistance in locating their missing relatives. Wilson Ocen and John Bosco Odongo were reported missing on October 17, 2023. Their sons, Nuru Oyoo and Michael Oboke, filed reports at Lira City Central Police Station under SD references 17/17/10/2023 and 18/17/10/2023, respectively.

Michael Oboke, a reporter with Voice of Lango Radio, recounted that he was out in the field during the second week of the month when he received a call from his father. Due to his work commitments, he informed his father that he would call back later. However, when he attempted to return the call after finishing his work, he discovered that his father’s phone had been switched off.

Oboke expressed his concerns, saying, “Since that time, I have tried to call, but the phone is off, and I have not heard from my father.” The missing individuals, Ocen and Odongo, are both members of the Acholi Community in Lango.

The chairperson of the Acholi community in Lira, Jefferson Obalim, reported that the police have been informed of these disappearances and are urged to assist in locating the missing individuals. According to Obalim, it was reported that Ocen was called by individuals who posed as customers from his shop but never returned. Subsequently, Ocen called Odongo and asked him to collect some medication from his shop.

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Obalim’s account of the events suggests that when Odongo delivered the medication near the Lira City West Police Division headquarters, an unknown person came to collect it. When Odongo inquired about Ocen’s whereabouts, the man instructed him to leave the area. These two individuals, both in their 50s, have mysteriously disappeared, leaving their families and community in distress.

Obalim stated that efforts have been made to seek assistance: “We went to the Police, made statements, and followed all the necessary procedures.”

Police Region spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema revealed that the two missing individuals are considered suspects who have been apprehended by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and are currently held at a designated location. Their detention is connected to a high-profile investigation that is currently underway.

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