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Murder of Ndiga Clan Chief Tied to Leadership Rivalry: Suspect Wanted

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Agnes Namaganda
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New information has emerged regarding the murder of Eng. Daniel Bbosa, the leader of the Ndiga Clan, shedding light on a possible motive behind the violent act. According to the police, the prime suspect, Luggya Bbosa Tabula, allegedly had a contentious relationship with Bbosa and opposed his leadership. The incident, which occurred in Mpigi district, Uganda, has raised concerns over a dispute surrounding the rightful leadership of the Ndiga clan and allegations of property mismanagement.

On Monday, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga appealed to the public for information regarding Tabula’s whereabouts, stating that the Criminal Investigations Directorate had received intelligence linking him to Bbosa’s murder. Enanga shared Tabula’s photos and offered a substantial cash reward for credible information leading to his arrest.

Tabula, a resident of Kabango village in Mpigi district, is suspected of playing a role in Bbosa’s violent death. Enanga warned individuals harboring Tabula that they would face legal consequences for obstructing justice.

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Further investigation reveals that Tabula had filed a case with the Buganda traditional court ‘Kooti ya Kisekwa’ on January 1, 2017. He accused Bbosa and another individual of wrongfully holding the position of clan head and disrupting the clan’s leadership. Tabula argued that the leadership should belong to the descendants of Kamya Tabula, the clan’s first leader.

In August 2022, the Kooti ya Kisekwa ruled in favor of Tabula, nullifying Bbosa’s leadership after he provided evidence demonstrating that Bbosa was not the rightful leader. The court concluded that Bbosa had not been culturally installed according to clan customs and Buganda traditions.

As of March 4, 2024, the police had arrested seven suspects, including Milly Naluwenda, a Buganda Court Kisekwa official. Naluwenda’s arrest was based on phone call printouts indicating communication with the suspects, including Tabula, before and after the incident.

Sources close to the investigation suggest that Tabula had multiple meetings with the suspects in custody, further implicating him in the murder case. The ongoing investigation aims to uncover the full extent of Tabula’s involvement and bring all perpetrators to justice.

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