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Trailer Accident Blocks Mpigi-Masaka Highway

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
PHOTO - X/Uganda Police Force -- The said trailer lost control due to brake failure, overturned and caught fire in the middle of the road.
Ibrahim Jjunju
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On Monday, March 4, the Mpigi-Masaka highway experienced a major disruption when a trailer lost control, overturned, and caught fire due to brake failure, completely blocking the road. According to Michael Kananura, the Public Relations Officer of the Traffic and Safety Directorate, the incident occurred at Muduma in Jezza along the Kampala-Mityana Road. The police reported a single minor road traffic crash involving the trailer, which overturned and obstructed the highway.

In response to the situation, Kananura urged the public to remain patient as traffic police, fire brigade, and local law enforcement teams work diligently to clear the wreckage and ensure the safety of road users. The priority is to remove the obstacle and reopen the highway for normal traffic flow.

This incident occurred just one day after another major road closure on Jinja Road, where two trucks were involved in a crash at Namagunga on Sunday, March 3, 2024. As a result of the Jinja Road closure, the police advised travelers to consider alternative routes such as the Mukono-Katosi road or the Mukono-Kayunga Njeru road for journeys to or from Jinja.

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The series of road closures and traffic disruptions highlight the importance of road safety and the potential risks associated with accidents and vehicle malfunctions. Authorities emphasize the need for caution and adherence to traffic regulations to prevent accidents and minimize the impact of such incidents on road users.

As efforts continue to clear the wreckage and reopen the affected highways, travelers are urged to stay informed about road conditions and follow any travel advisories issued by the police and transportation authorities. Patience and cooperation from the public are essential in ensuring the timely resolution of road incidents and maintaining safe travel routes for everyone.

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