Mystery Surrounds Mbuya Bedroom Shooting

Family Feud Erupts Over Henry Katanga's Burial Place
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Unexplained Tragedy in Mbuya

In an affluent Kampala suburb of Mbuya, a baffling incident has left the Ugandan community in shock and seeking answers. The incident involves a man with a fatal firearm-related head injury and his wife, who clings to life with a shattered skull beside their marital bed. The events that unfolded on that fateful Thursday morning have ignited a web of speculation and uncertainty.

The tragic incident took place in the home of Henry Katanga, a businessman who recently gave away his eldest daughter in marriage. As the first responders arrived at the scene, they were met with a grim tableau, prompting a flood of questions and rumors within the community.

During a funeral service at All Saints Church Nakasero for Henry Katanga, mourners were urged to refrain from drawing premature conclusions and to allow the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation. Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, a close friend of the deceased and deputy coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, emphasized the importance of letting the police handle the matter to unveil the truth.

Henry Katanga, described as a businessman, had recently been appointed treasurer of a 20-member investment group. His dedication and integrity in fulfilling his duties left a lasting impression on those who worked alongside him. Lt Gen James Mugira, the managing director of National Enterprises Corporation, highlighted Katanga’s contributions and the contrast between happiness and sorrow in the family’s life.

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As questions mount and answers remain elusive, the State Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Bright Rwamirama, who is also the deceased’s uncle, expressed the challenge of speaking in the face of uncertainty. He acknowledged the difficulty in curbing speculation and urged those handling the matter to expedite their efforts to bring clarity and closure to the community.

Today, Henry Katanga will be laid to rest at his ancestral home in Kikatsi, Nyabushozi, Kiruhura District, as Ugandans continue to grapple with the mysteries surrounding the Mbuya bedroom shooting. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of resolving unanswered questions.

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