School Director Brutally Murdered in Nansana Guesthouse

Nansana Guesthouse Horror: School Director's Life Ends Tragically
Nansana Guesthouse Horror: School Director's Life Ends Tragically
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In a shocking and tragic incident, the life of school director Godwin Kansiime came to a gruesome end in a Nansana guesthouse. The facts surrounding this harrowing incident reveal a disturbing story of deception and violence.

Kansiime’s lifeless body was discovered in a desolate bush in Kakiri Division, some 17 kilometers away from the Nansana Inn where he met his brutal fate. This incident has left the police in Wakiso District perplexed, as they try to piece together the grim puzzle of how a school director’s life could be snuffed out in such a heartless manner.

According to the police, Kansiime was last seen alive at Hollas Café and Lounge in Nansana, on September 2, 2023, at an early hour of 6:15 am. Private CCTV footage captured him leaving the café in the company of an unidentified woman. It was at Nansana Inn where they had checked into a room, that Kansiime met his tragic end. The motive behind this heinous crime remains shrouded in mystery, as detectives scramble to uncover the chilling truth.

Disturbingly, it appears that the management of the inn played a sinister role in this gruesome saga. They allegedly concocted a plan to transport Kansiime’s lifeless body to Nansomba village, Gobero in Kakiri Division, where it was unceremoniously dumped in a bush. The callousness of such an act is beyond comprehension.

This horrifying incident may have roots in an ongoing dispute between Kansiime and another school director. The tensions between them had escalated to the point where one director had been forced to step aside, as per a resolution by the police earlier this year.

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Currently, six suspects find themselves behind bars at Nansana Police Station, including the inn manager, two waitresses, and two employees from Hollas Café. These individuals are under intense scrutiny as investigators dig deeper into the abyss of this shocking murder.

As Kansiime’s grieving family awaits the results of a DNA test, his brother, Mr. Innocent Bashongoka, raises chilling questions about the integrity of the guesthouse staff. He alleges that the guesthouse workers, in collusion with the killers, had meticulously planned this horrifying crime. Furthermore, he accuses them of obstructing justice by claiming their security cameras were inoperative and that no one in the fully-booked guesthouse heard the gruesome events that unfolded during broad daylight.

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