Suspected Food Poisoning at Mityana School: Cooks Arrested as Students Fall Sick

School Cooks Arrested in Mityana After Students Suffer Food Poisoning
School Cooks Arrested in Mityana After Students Suffer Food Poisoning
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About 100 students from Golden Learning Centre Nursery and Primary School in Mityana District became sick and had to go to the hospital because they thought the food they ate at school made them sick.

This happened on Wednesday at Namungo Central Village, Namungo Parish, Namungo Sub-county, Mityana District. The students started feeling sick right after they had lunch, which was posho and beans.

According to Racheal Kawala, the Wamala region police spokesperson, “When they started feeling sick, the 100 students who were affected went to different health facilities, like Namungo Health Center III and MUKJ Medical Clinic. The police think the students might have eaten food that was not safe, and they are still checking to find out.”

Kawala also said that detectives went to the school to look at the scene, talked to the students who got sick, and sealed off the school for now.

The police spokesperson for the area said there are 350 students at the school, and out of the 100 who got sick, 50 have already gone home from the hospital, and 50 are still in the hospital but they are getting better.

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“Two people, Kule Alfred and Mumbere Edger, who work as cooks at the school, were arrested to help with the police investigation. Right now, they are at Mityana CPS,” Kawala said.

She also said that the police collected some of the food from the school to test it and see if it was not safe to eat.

Something similar happened in July when 150 students at Nakanyonyi Senior Secondary School in Naggalama in Mukono district got sick and had to go to different hospitals because they thought they ate bad food.

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