Tororo Pastor’s Home Raided: Police Discover Weapons and Ritual Items

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Residents of Oriyoi village in Morukatipe Sub-County, Tororo District, discovered deadly weapons and ritual paraphernalia in the home of a local pastor. Prophet Gorwell Emanu, the head and founder of Emanu Ministries International, had his residence searched by the police, leading to the discovery of a pistol, 31 rounds of ammunition, tear gas canisters, opium seeds, and items used for rituals.

The search, commanded by District Police Commander Adam Kimuli, was initiated after reports of a monkey, allegedly kept as a pet by Emanu, causing chaos in the community. The monkey reportedly bit several pupils, forcing the closure of Oriyoi Primary School and Tororo Education Center.

Apart from the firearms and ritual items, police also found a tunnel beneath Emanu’s house, which he claimed the family used for fasting. Additionally, new motorcycle and vehicle number plates were recovered, along with a bag containing various items, including underwear, a vest, a mobile phone, and shoes.

The search exposed an unbearable stench from rotting animal carcasses scattered in the backyard, suspected to be used for ritual sacrifices. Emanu will face charges of illegal possession of government stores, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority plans to charge him with illegal possession of wild animals.

Despite denying allegations of rearing a monkey, the animal resurfaced during the search and bit two children in the presence of the police. Community members have expressed fear of Emanu, citing alleged threats with firearms and claims of connections to generals in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces.

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