Man Loses Life as Bar Disagreement Turns Deadly in Mbarara

Mbarara Police Station
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Tragedy unfolded as a simple misunderstanding at a local bar took a devastating turn, resulting in the loss of a young life. On November 3, 2023, at approximately 3 pm, 24 year-old Turinawe Regan, a farmer, met his unfortunate end at Akashanda Village in Bukiro Kashari, Mbarara District.

The incident revolved around a dispute that occurred between Regan and the suspect, Turyasingura John Paul, while they were enjoying drinks at a bar owned by a person known as Nalongo. As tensions escalated, the two men decided to leave the bar together, unaware of the tragic turn of events that awaited them.

As the day wore on, their disagreement grew more heated. Regrettably, John Paul, the suspect, made a fateful decision. He retrieved a panga, a type of machete, from his home and, in a moment of anger, used it to inflict fatal injuries on Regan. The vicious attack targeted the victim’s throat and neck, resulting in severe bleeding and, ultimately, his untimely death.

The shocking incident did not go unnoticed, as it was quickly reported to the local police authorities. Promptly responding to the call, law enforcement officers arrived at the scene to investigate and document the gruesome crime. The panga used as the murder weapon was recovered and catalogued as evidence. The authorities apprehended John Paul to facilitate their ongoing investigations.

Tragically, Regan’s life was cut short, and his body was transported to the morgue at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital to undergo a postmortem examination, as confirmed by SP Samson Kasasira, the Public Relations Officer of Rwizi Regional Police.

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