Ngoko Village in Kasese District Terrorized by Gun Attack: One Dead, Several Injured

Harrison Masereka
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On Tuesday night, Ngoko village in Kitswamba Sub-county of Kasese District was struck by a terrifying attack by unknown gunmen. The peaceful village was ruthlessly raided, leaving a trail of tragedy and devastation.

Betty Biira, a resident of Ngoko, became the unfortunate victim of the brutal assault. She lost her life to the attackers’ violence, leaving her family and community in mourning.

The attack also left Betty’s 14-year-old nephew, Harrison Masereka, with severe injuries. He bravely recounted the horrifying events, describing how he witnessed his aunt’s murder and narrowly escaped a similar fate himself.

The attack has left Ngoko Village reeling from the shock and grief. The community is searching for answers and demanding justice for the victims. Authorities are investigating the incident and working to identify the perpetrators.

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The authorities are investigating the incident, and the search for the perpetrators is ongoing.

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