Church of Uganda Maintains Suspension on New Dioceses Creation

Church of Uganda Denies Dismissal of Namirembe Diocese Chancellor
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The Church of Uganda (CoU) continues to uphold the resolution made approximately five years ago, suspending the creation of new dioceses, despite renewed efforts by some Christian groups across the country.

According to Canon William Ongeng, the Provincial Secretary, the resolutions from the 24th Provincial Assembly held in August 2018, which suspended the establishment of new dioceses, remain in effect. The recent letter from Canon Ongeng serves as a reminder of this stance.

However, the suspension does not impede the development of church projects in the affected areas, leaving room for potential dioceses once the ban is lifted.

While the creation of East Busoga and West Rwenzori dioceses was approved previously, the delay in their establishment was attributed to readiness issues and setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Despite the moratorium, certain regions, including Kayunga, Entebbe, Sheema, Nakasongola, and Lyantonde, have expressed desires for new dioceses due to growing Anglican populations. However, they remain committed to their plans despite the current ban.

The Church of Uganda currently comprises 39 dioceses, with plans for the election of three new bishops to replace retiring ones. Bishop nominations have faced challenges, including controversies and petitions, delaying the process of filling vacancies.

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