Drop in Performance: 28.4% of Primary Teachers Fail Exams in 2021

Teachers Uganda - 2021 Primary Teacher Exam Results Show Decrease in Pass Rates
2021 Primary Teacher Exam Results Show Decrease in Pass Rates
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In the recently released 2021 Grade III Teacher certificate examination results, a total of 1,586 out of 5,576 primary teachers who took the exams did not pass. This represents 28.4 percent of the candidates.

Comparing the results to the previous year, there was a decline in performance. In 2020, 84.53 percent of candidates passed the exams, while in 2021, only 67.90 percent managed to pass.

However, there were some bright spots in the 2021 results. The English Language Education subject saw a significant improvement, with a pass rate of 99.80 percent, compared to 94.7 percent in 2020. On the other hand, Mathematics education saw a decline, with a pass rate of 75.24 percent, down from 96.0 percent in 2020.

In terms of distinctions, there were only 130 in 2021 (2.3 percent) compared to 411 in 2020 (4.63 percent). Credit passes also decreased in 2021, with 64.8 percent achieving this level, compared to 79.19 percent in 2020.

The number of candidates who passed dropped from 63 (0.71 percent) in 2020 to 40 (0.7 percent) in 2021. Additionally, 204 candidates (3.7 percent) were ungraded in 2021, while 2020 saw 450 candidates (5.07 percent) receiving ungraded results.

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The best-performing candidate in the 2021 Grade III Teachers’ Certificate in Primary Teacher Education Examinations was Mugisa Tumwine from St Augustine Butiiti PTC in Kyenjojo District. Mugisa obtained an aggregate of 13 out of a possible 9 in nine subjects and received an ‘A’ in school practice.

The top female candidate in 2021 was Zainabu Owokunda from Bikungu PTC in Bushenyi District, with an aggregate of 14 out of a possible 9 in nine subjects, earning her an ‘A’ in school practice and an overall distinction.

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