Education Minister Authorizes Cancellation of 55 Exam Results Due to Malpractice

ugandas education minister janet museveni to inaugurate construction of new ministry headquarters
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Uganda’s Education Minister, Janet Museveni, has given her approval for the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (Ubteb) to annul the results of 55 students on account of their involvement in examination malpractice. The announcement came during the release of the July-August 2023 Ubteb examination results in Kampala.

A total of 3,051 students from 36 examination centers participated in the exams. State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo, read Ms. Museveni’s statement during the event, emphasizing that her ministry takes a strong stance against any form of malpractice. She stated, “I have taken note of the 55 candidates whose results have been recommended by the Board for cancellation due to involvement in examination malpractices.”

Ms. Museveni expressed her agreement with the Board’s recommendation to cancel the results of the students involved in malpractice. She also commended Ubteb for its efforts to combat malpractice in examinations. Ubteb Executive Secretary, Onesmus Oyesigye, confirmed that the 55 candidates had been found guilty after a fair hearing.

Mr. Oyesigye urged the heads of Technical and Vocational Training Institutions (TVETs) to conduct thorough checks on students to reduce instances of malpractice. He highlighted the importance of addressing this issue to ensure that the country produces skilled and competent professionals whose work does not endanger the public. He illustrated the potential consequences by saying, “Imagine a person who cheated on examinations building your house. This may mean death when it collapses.”

Out of the 3,051 candidates who registered for the end-of-programme examinations, 2,615 attended, representing an 81 percent turnout. However, Mr. Oyesigye pointed out that the pass rate remained at 80 percent. He also called upon the government to increase funding for the Board, as the practical on-spot assessments incurred significant costs for both Ubteb and training institutions.

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During the same event, Ms. Ketty Lamaro, the permanent secretary in the Education Ministry, disclosed that the curriculum for the diploma programs offered by Uganda Colleges of Commerce had been reviewed. She also mentioned that work was underway to review the curriculum for programs offered by TVET institutions.

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